T-Shirt Bags are used and found generally in department stores and shops. There are several sizes and thickness depending on a usage. In general, they are manufactured from LDPE and HDPE and PP
PP (Polypropylene) bag has qualification for heat resistance up to 90 C degree.  The texture is transparent and the product inside can be seen through. LDPE bag is suitable for storing sharp knife or sharp weapon.  It can be kept in the freezer. HDPE bag has qualification for heat resistance up to 90 C degree and can resist cool at 0 C degrees. Its texture is turbid.
Garbage bags are the trash bag for both dry and wet waste with high thickness and durability. They are available in black and other colors depending on your usage.
We sell zip lock medicine bags, zip lock bag for food and multi-purpose zip lock bags.
We manufacture rolled bag, which is available in various width, length and thickness range depending on the specification, options include PP, LDPE, and HDPE rolled bag.
We manufacture custom made plastic bags according to customer's requirements for instance printing bags and bags used in typical industries.
Plastic film for pallet cover,  drinking straws, plastic rope and rubber bands.